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Trace Adkins and the Confederate Ear Piece

I have a friend, she watches “inside Edition”, she does I promise I watch a lot of bad TV but not that show.  A story they were “covering” was Trace Adkins wearing a Confederate flag ear piece at the tree lighting in Rockefeller Center.  Nothing says Christmas like the Confederacy, he was just observing the... Read more »

Maybe not the sexiest but I am definitely a man alive.

Surprise surprise Channing Tatum was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man.  I suppose he is sexy just how an emotionless and talentless mannequin is sexy.  I agree he is good looking, and though I sound bitter, I am not.  I do not expect that I will ever win.  I know I am good looking but I... Read more »

Hulk Hogan Suing Friend Over Sex Tape.

If you were trying to avoid news of anything disgusting then you might have missed that Hulk Hogan has a sex tape that leaked last week.  The website Gawker, link below: warning it is not safe for work and probably gross, released a short “best of” clip which I cannot bring myself to watch because... Read more »

Lindsay Lohan is a Living Catastrophe

Lindsay Lohan is a rash the more you scratch the bigger she gets.  I understand the car wreck (pun kind of intended) aspect of it.  Even now in a big city like Chicago if you see lights on the side of the road we cannot help but slow down and catch a glimpse of the... Read more »

I Am Not Addicted to "Breaking Bad"

I am from an elite group of people, though to many it might not seem that way. I am one of very few people who has never seen “Breaking Bad”.  It is not that I do not think I would enjoy it, I just never watch it.  Now, I wear it like a badge of... Read more »