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Too old for selfies

Too old for selfies
I am a man in my thirties, yes, that time has come where I have to accept the truth. I have taken to mockingly taking selfies with friends. Recently I discovered, mockingly or not, I am just too old for certain things, like selfies or watching Dora the Explorer and getting excited when I know... Read more »

Would you want to know when you might perish?

Scientists in the UK claim they’ve developed a device that can predict mortality. The device is the size of a wristwatch and can supposedly not only predict death but also test for diseases. It should be available to doctors within the next few years. This made me ask myself… Would I want to know? I... Read more »

7 Ways to Announce Your Divorce

Are you currently in the process of getting a divorce and wondering how and when to tell those around you? Are you recently divorced and need a quick, efficient way to share? Regardless of where you are in the process, here are 7 easy, creative ways to announce your divorce. (Why 7? Well, 7 is... Read more »

When a robbery copies art

This is a story that made some headlines last week. A group of robbers, inspired by “The Town” which stars Ben Affleck, robbed $200,000 from a store. I have seen the movie and, for an Affleck film, it is not bad. The robbers copied specific details from the movie such as wearing latex masks, pouring... Read more »

Dane Cook must be okay with being a jerk

Dane Cook must be okay with being a jerk
The Boston Strong benefit show for the Boston Marathon aired via web stream on Thursday. Not including a set by mostly loathed comedian Dane Cook. Cook did not want his new material released yet. I can only guess it is better to pay a ton of money before you here his awful jokes. Yes, I’m... Read more »

The 34 year old freshman

After years of toiling around and working towards what I thought were my dream jobs, I have decided I am not a fan of being poor and I’ve decided to go back to school. Of course, I’m adding to my debt with financial aid but in the end it will be worth it. I’m working... Read more »

Smokey Bear Is Not Effing Around

Have you seen the new billboards of what appears to be Smokey Bear threatening drivers with certain demise if they start forest fires? The ads feature a ‘roided up bear pointing and holding a shovel.. His eyes say “If you start a forest fire, I am going to kill and bury you and since I... Read more »

Let Me Interview You

I have been silenced by the dreaded writer’s block. I sit to write and a few sentences in I forget where I was headed and what my point would be. I needed a new idea. I needed something to fall back on while my brain relaxes a bit and allows thoughts to flow through. I... Read more »

My First Year at ChicagoNow: Lessons and What To Do Next.

As of yesterday I have been blogging for ChicagoNow for a year.  My how the days have passed, I have left so many words and thoughts on this website.  I did not know what I should write about to uncork the bottle of wine to celebrate.   What I came up with is what I have... Read more »

Cubs Say No To Call Me Maybe

Cubs in-game program director Jim Oboikowitch announced some changes to the 7th inning stretch and music that will be played at Wrigley this year. The changes to the 7 th inning stretch will include adding former Cubs players and celebrities that are native to Chicago. For those of us with capable ears let’s hope some... Read more »