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Hitching a ride on the Cubs bandwagon

Hitching a ride on the Cubs bandwagon
As a lifelong White Sox fan it was ingrained in me that I had to hate the Cubs. I never really did. I played along with a almost non existent rivalry because I thought I had to. I say non existent because if not for the media and the fans there might not be a... Read more »

Things I did besides watch Bears preseason football

I have written before about how my like, it was never love, of sports is waning. From other idiot fans saying idiotic things like idiots will to rampant cheating; it’s no wonder I am slowly detracting. Some would say I am a lesser Chicago Bears fan because I’ve yet to watch a second of preseason... Read more »

Smokey Bear Is Not Effing Around

Have you seen the new billboards of what appears to be Smokey Bear threatening drivers with certain demise if they start forest fires? The ads feature a ‘roided up bear pointing and holding a shovel.. His eyes say “If you start a forest fire, I am going to kill and bury you and since I... Read more »

Let Me Interview You

I have been silenced by the dreaded writer’s block. I sit to write and a few sentences in I forget where I was headed and what my point would be. I needed a new idea. I needed something to fall back on while my brain relaxes a bit and allows thoughts to flow through. I... Read more »

My First Year at ChicagoNow: Lessons and What To Do Next.

As of yesterday I have been blogging for ChicagoNow for a year.  My how the days have passed, I have left so many words and thoughts on this website.  I did not know what I should write about to uncork the bottle of wine to celebrate.   What I came up with is what I have... Read more »

Cubs Say No To Call Me Maybe

Cubs in-game program director Jim Oboikowitch announced some changes to the 7th inning stretch and music that will be played at Wrigley this year. The changes to the 7 th inning stretch will include adding former Cubs players and celebrities that are native to Chicago. For those of us with capable ears let’s hope some... Read more »

Chicago Style Hot Dog? I'll Pass

I am a life-long Chicagoan, I have been known to eat hot dogs. Based on the information given wouldn’t that make it a Chicago style hot dog? Among the contents of Chicago dog are mustard (blech), a poppy seed bun, mustard (why does anyone think mustard is good?), peppers, a pickle, and much, much, much,... Read more »

A Talk With Future Me.

Yesterday I saw “Looper” with some friends.  I will tell you how this post will relate to that movie without giving anything away.  No need for a spoiler alert what I am going to tell you is made known in the trailer.  In the movie Joseph Gordon-Leavitt meets future him (John McClain).  This made me... Read more »

"Dancing with the Stars" killed "Creep" by Radiohead.

I did not really need another reason to hate “Dancing with the Stars” but a couple of days ago they gave me reason #9,874,524 my sister called me and said “Listen to this song”.  The stupid big band on stupid “Dancing with the stupid Stars” was playing a stupid big band version of “Creep” by... Read more »

The American Day Dream

I could be cliché and quote a certain lyric about dreaming by John Lennon.  I said I could, but I won’t you all know the lyric and in a second you will find out how it relates to this blog.  I spend a lot of my open brain space on reflection.  Sometimes I wonder what... Read more »