Cancer: It is a new mother son bond.

Cancer: It is a new mother son bond.
This is a bond that will go unbroken

There are certain bonds a mother shares with her son. Sometimes it is a common interest in music or obsessively watching over plants in the garden. Most times the bond between mother and son is the strongest bond of them all. I share a lot of bonds with my mom. I get my smashing good looks from my mom. I get my persistence from her. However, there is one bond that I share with my mom that a lot of sons do not share and that is cancer.

You see when I was 20 I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I was young and cocky(pun intended) and did not think of anything of my growing friend. I did what any normal young adult without insurance would do and asked my mom for her input. She responded by asking to see it. I thought about it and considered just riding the cancer out rather than have my mom see my junk.

I waivered and after sharing this awkward moment we went to the doctor. The doctor told me he would have to remove it. I was bummed because I thought he was talking about the smaller one. He removed the cancerous ball (Please excuse my use of medical terms). I went through chemo and went a few years until it recurred and I had surgery to fix it and I stand here cancer free.

Throughout it all my mom never let me see her sorrow. I knew she loved me and I knew it crushed her but she never let me see it. She is the strongest woman I know, well she is tied with my beautiful fiancée, but you know what I mean. I knew that I would survive because I watched my mom survive an d that is another bond we share.

Now we share a new bond. That bond is cancer. In the middle of last year my mom called me and the mood seemed casual. I do not recall the actual conversation but I imagine it went like this:

Me: Hi, mom. How are you?

Mom: Okay I have a mammogram on Tuesday

Me: What?!?!

Mom: It is probably nothing.

I will end it there only to say “it is probably nothing” is my mom’s way of telling it is definitely cancer. We found out the results soon after and it was confirmed to be breast cancer. Cancer now has created a new bond for us. My mom and my sister bond over Lifetime movies and trips to Mexico. If my mom was so desperate to find a new bond with me we could have figured something out. I could have went with her to pick up wigs or helped her pick out drapes.

I then remembered how my mom dealt with my cancer. While speaking with her I was adamant she would beat this. As soon as I hung up the phone I was crying like a blubbering fool in my fiancée’s arms. My mom is fighter. The proof is when I received another call. She is a retired cop who works part time as security in a bank.

Me: Hello?

Mom: Hey I just wanted to let you know if you see it on the news there was a robbery at the bank and I fought the guy off and he was arrested. Anyway don’t worry.

On the phone I could do nothing but laugh at my mom while she casually told ne that while undergoing chemo she fought of an armed robber and helped arrest him. I came home and I told my fiancée and turned into a blubbering mess in her arms. A couple of days later we took mom out for dinner and she had a huge bruise on her arm from the fight and she insisted she was fine.

That is how she is. She is fine. She is a superhero. She always has been. I love superheroes. So superhero things can be our new bond. She is in remission and now we are both survivors.

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