What exactly does it mean to be a grown up?

What exactly does it mean to be a grown up?
Lyric courtesy of Pearl Jam

When did I realize I was a grown up? Was it my first sip of legal alcohol? Was it cancer? Was it cancer again? Was it my first marriage? Was it when I became engaged again? Was it when I became a step parent? Was it when I became a step parent again?

I honestly have no idea. I live a grown up life I suppose but maybe that is my secret identity. Maybe I'm grown up by day and grown kid by night. I'm a dork. I proud of that. I am weird and I am proud. I have seen a lot in my 38 years. I have loved and lost and loved agin. This love is forever.

We are silly together. She lets me be silly when people stare at the adult making an ass of himself. Why do I make an ass of myself in public? Well because fuck it that's why. No matter how long we live we are but a breath in the mouth of the universe.

I chose to become a comedian when my friends were looking into Roth IRAs and savings accounts for their kid's college. Life is too damn short to sweat the long run.

I have MS and yes it affects me daily. So to counteract that I jump in puddles. I laugh often and I remember that life is sweet. Maybe a grown up is finally being able to act out without being told to behave. Maybe being an adult means realizing that lifelong friends become acquaintances.

Is grown up a verb or a noun? Maybe that is the difference. Are you grown up? Are you a grown up? Does it matter? Do what you have to do to love your life. I come home every day to three dogs licking my face as if I have been gone for ages. I come home to a beautiful woman who loves me for me. There are no exceptions. She also sometimes licks my face. I get to take the stage and make people laugh and I earn gas money. I have a day job and I have money to spend.

Am I a grown up? I don't know. I am more of a big kid. I just want to laugh and love. We spend too much time worrying about who we are or what we are or how we look. Sometimes we need to hit the reset button and cherish every breath. Savor every laugh. Be you just you and I will be me.

You probably know I love Pearl Jam and this lyric is one of my favorites and is appropriate for the subject. Live, laugh, love out loud.

"I know I was born and I know that I'll die the in between is mine. I am mine." I Am Mine- Pearl Jam


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