I play Pokemon Go and I am not sorry

I play Pokemon Go and I am not sorry
Yeah I started with Pikachu because I am pretty much awesome

The only thing worse than people who play Pokemon Go are people who brag about playing Pokemon Go. The only thing worse than that are people who write about being apathetic about those who claim my first two sentences. If you are confused I simply don't care if I am judged for what I do to have fun because I am having fun.

Yep I am among the throngs of folks you see aimlessly wandering around. I am one of the people too interested in catching Pokemon to know he might be wandering into traffic or a bottomless pit. Sure, bottomless pits might be fantasy until you fall into one and fall for who knows how long.

I am proud that i am out there playing a game and competing in a game that has no physical reward. You see my step kids not only to relate to something I am in to but they participate with me. They school me and teach me things. We laugh and get excited for fake catching a fake creature from a fake world. I am sorry but it is true. Well about all the fake stuff but not sorry about the preceding comments.

Parents spend all summer bribing their kids to go outside. Bribing them! I can't believe I am about to say this but when I was a kid we were told to leave and not to come home until dinner. Fuck I just said "when I was a kid" in comparison to kids today. FUCK!!!!!! I just said "kids today".

As usual I digress. With Pokemon Go kids are willingly going outside. They are playing with friends or maybe strangers. Kids, do NOT play with strangers. Sure they have their phone or tablet or if they are a cool nerd kid like me they have their phone and tablet. It pays to have money, kids, do your chores. They are outside. They have to be and they have to walk, ride their bikes, and long boards. Whoa, fellow parents, the kids are doing physical activity. This is bonkers, right?

So yeah I unapologetically, not a real word apparently, play Pokemon Go a game with no physical reward. The reward for me and most likely a lot of other parents is having fun with my kids and fiancee. Well a lot of other parents are having fun with their own kids, I hope. Kids do not talk or play with strangers!

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