Lemmy Kilmister Knocked Me Out

Lemmy Kilmister Knocked Me Out
RIP, Lemmy

Tonight or last night or some night depending on when you read this Lemmy Kilmister died. Lemmy was the lead singer for heavy metal icon, Motörhead. I will admit I don't know much about Lemmy or Motörhead I just know his affect on pop culture and bands who most were influenced by him.

Lemmy was the star in Foo Fighters White Limo video.

If you saw the movie Airheads you know the answer to the question of who would win in a wrestling match, Lemmy or God? The correct answer to this trick question is Lemmy is God.

Lemmy never cared about stardom. He lived by his own rules and screamed to the machine gun beat of his own drum. Lemmy used his middle finger as a punctuation mark and would hate a post reminiscing on his life so instead here's a tale about I was inadvertently knocked out by Lemmy.

I went through a small period of time where I was into the band Anthrax. I was invited to go see Anthrax and Motörhead. I think the show was at The Metro but it could have been the House of Blues as well. Either way I was in my mid twenties and had enough energy at the time to agree to go.

I'm a skinny dude with glasses so I avoided mosh pits like I avoided sleeveless black t-shirts. This was a show that the whole floor was a mosh pit so I did my best to stay on the fringe. I was unsuccessful.

As soon as Motörhead took the stage the opening riff for Ace of Spades would be all I'd get to hear as I was pushed into the mosh pit and fell helplessly to the ground like skin and bones would. While I was on the ground someone tripped over me and fell on the back of my head. All I heard were birds tweeting and all I saw were stars.

I missed the only Motörhead song I knew. Fuck!

Some hero saw my sad pitiful self in a heap on the floor and pulled me up and I walked off. I found a bathroom and threw water on my face then bought a beer and a water. Water first and beer second. My dickhole friends watched all of Motörhead before they looked for me and found me. They asked how I was doing. I said that I wasn't sure and we went home.

Rest in peace, Lemmy, you were my first and last knockout and my first and last mosh pit. That is somehow a very poetic eulogy.

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