I Am A Comedian Everything Is Funny

I Am A Comedian Everything Is Funny
I'm shy but I get on stage in front of strangers. I'm a walking contradiction

I'm kind of a lucky guy. I'm a comedian. You might wonder what makes me so damn lucky. Well I get to find the funny in every single thing. Sure it is not easy. Like snowflakes every comedian is different. Yep, I just compared comedians to snowflakes. Some comedians make fun of life all around and some make fun of everything in a gross and all out vomit inducing way. I make fun of my environment, I poke fun at myself, and life all around.

I make fun of my past and present medical issues. I make fun of the silly crap that happens on a seemingly daily basis. There is this prevailing notion about comedians that we are all fucked in the head and that some of us are sociopaths. I don't believe we all have mental issues and only some of us are sociopaths.

I make fun of the news. I make fun of conservatives because they make it so easy to make fun of them. I stay away from mocking death because everyone has someone who loves them and all death affects someone. I also stay away from racist jokes. That is just not who I am. There has to be a little truth in all of my jokes or else it sounds disjointed.

If I were younger I would push to make a career out of it but I can't spend every night at several open mics. I am fine making comedy a hobby that I get paid to do sometimes. I sometimes wish I was respected more by my peers. Just because I don't perform as much doesn't mean I love it any less.

It makes me laugh when I see a comedian who takes themselves too seriously or judges other comedians. When comedy is great it is awesome when comedy is bad it is really bad but sometimes hilariously bad.

I am allowed to find the comedy in tragedy. Sometimes it takes time to get over a tragic event but you can guarantee that while others are trying to make sense of it a comedian is finding a funny spin. That is kind of our own way of dealing with tragedy. We mock it because then it doesn't rule us. We take the power back.

I learned a long time ago that I can't please everyone. Some jokes aren't funny all the time. Some audiences don't want to laugh. That usually is the case when a bar doesn't help promote a show and all of sudden a comedy show appeared out of the ether.

Some people think some things are funny while other things aren't. I learned a long time ago not to live show to show. Yes it sucks when a set doesn't go well but it feels amazing when a set does do well and I feel the rush from applause.

I love being a comedian. I love making people smile and laugh. I am happy to be a part of the better part of someone's day. I will keep joking around until it isn't fun anymore.

I have shamelessly linked to my latest video of a performance from January check it out below:

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