My New Life Of Steroids

My New Life Of Steroids
Steroid selfie! Take that, Barry Bonds!

Part of living with MS is living with pain and fatigue. How about that for a fun and cheery opening sentence. That is my life sometimes. The struggle is real. So to fight fatigue and pain my doctor prescribed a week full of a steroid that begins with an S. Solumedrol maybe? I don't know. His handwriting needs help...shocker.

As of right now I'm writing during my third treatment this week. I have two more. I don't get the hubbub. So far I cannot break down walls and I'm not better at sports at all. What gives? I suppose I'm still a good enough baseball player to be on the Cubs. Ha ha I made a fake stab at a team and I haven't watched a second of baseball in the last couple of years.

I'm assuming they still suck though.

The steroids have definitely helped with fatigue. I have no problems staying awake until 2 or 3 in the morning. Now if I could just have treatments earlier so I can stay awake for the part of the day that I need to be awake for.

I haven't noticed much difference in the pain. I was told it takes awhile but I thought for sure by now I'd notice something.

Seriously though I cannot break down walls!

Nor can I hit a home run!

Hold on, I need to add humor because I'm not complainy guy! Im a comedian. Hey guys, in an unrelated foot sore issue I have two flashy new skin grafts from neo natal foreskin. Thank you little babies your sacrifice means new cells. Also I kind of have my foreskin back. Okay so it is not mine but I have what was taken from me.

Sorry new joke material I'm working on while steroids are entering me.

The vein kind of hurts which means they'll be poking a new needle in me tomorrow.

I'm currently being infused in a cancer ward. I've mentioned here, there, and everywhere that I survived cancer. Chemo has an unmistakeable and unforgettable smell. I wish my comrades in cancer a sweet recovery.

Sorry I really wanted this to be funnier.

How about this new joke?

"I don't care how adorable it might be. I never want to have acute liver disease."


"What in the name of science is pink lemonade made from. I've yet to enjoy a pink lemon...or pink lemonade"

This is how I try out jokes while being medically treated. Maybe I should post my jokes here for your vote. I'll ignore it anyway. That's what I do. I'm almost done with my steroids which means I'm ending this post.

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