The NFL should be ashamed of itself

Ray Rice, a nearly washed up running back for the Baltimore Ravens, beat his fiancé, whom his now wife, hard enough to knock her out. So the NFL grew a back bone and suspended him forever, right? Nope, Roger Goodell who set himself up to be McGruff the Crime Dog when he fell into the commissioner gig pointed his finger and said...

... well hardly anything.

Nope it was business as usual in the NFL where misogyny prevailed. This sad excuse for a man-wait I'm sorry- this sad excuse for slug shit only got a two game suspension and fined 3 game checks. This is not policing your league. This is letting a supposed superstar off with nothing more than sending him to his room with no dinner.

This is a poor lesson for the kids out there. Hey, Roger, you remember the kids, right? The kids who you place such a focus on. The kids who place their own brains in danger just to be in the league you allegedly lead. Roger Goodell and the NFL are a joke. What little interest I had in football has withered and died.

As far as I'm concerned I cannot wait to watch it flame out in favor of a more deserving form of entertainment like freeze tag or reading all the nutrition facts in your house.

Women are a monument they are beautiful and are meant to be respected. I was taught at a very young age not to hit women. I was raised by a Chicago Police Woman, I would be okay with her and her CPD friends to have five minutes alone with Ray Rice without witnesses.

I'm torn between my want to not be consumed with anger and my absolute anger at this disgusting display.

Jim Harbaugh who is Rice's coach wants to move forward. Shut up!

Stephen A. Smith, ESPN idiot, thinks women should do their best not to get punched. Shut up! (I'm paraphrasing and twisting his words but he might as well have said that).

Roger Goodell, moron and NFL player and coach lackey, sticks by his suspension and believes his policy is staunch and their policy against domestic violence is not as important as game day. Shut up!

Violence is dumb and unnecessary. Violence against women is something that dudes with no penis do. To defend him is to defend violence against women. Violence against your mom, sister,girlfriend, or wife. I don't know about you but if you lay a finger on any of my people my scrawny ass will bite scratch, and slap fight the crap out of you.

I know I am just one person and the NFL will not miss me. I just am comforted that while I'm enjoying the fruits of being in heaven. The devil will take a gross dump and Roger Goodell and Ray Rice will plop for am eternal stay.

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