The Prank War Is On

Yesterday I arrived to my girlfriend's house after work and I was greeted by her ten year old son. He asked if it was normal that his nose made a crunching sound as he moved it from side to side.

Her kids are awesome and I love my time with them. I immediately freaked out.

I kept asking "Is this real!?"

I should have known something was up because his mom was oh so calm and collected. I thought perhaps she could not hear it. Then he fell to the ground and i freaked out so much.

If he had not risen laughing I would have scooped him up and taken him to the ER. It turned out it would have not been necessary. I'd been had. He was making the crunching sound with a dry noodle in his teeth. He notified me later the prank war is on.

And so it is.

The prank war is on. I don't know what my first strike against him will be. For my girlfriend it was a post on Facebook about possibly pooping her pants because of school project and wanting to learn belly dancing. Maybe not a strong prank but this is war.

There will be many battles.

The victor is all of us because the most important thing is we laughed so hard. He was proud he got me.

I will update the prank war here from time to time so stay tuned.

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