T.J. Maxx Your Return Policy Is Dumb

T.J. Maxx Your Return Policy Is Dumb
T.J. Maxx, if your return policy is going to be ridiculous at least let us know.

Over the weekend I decided I needed summer clothes. There's no time better than nearly the end of July to realize that. Honestly I hate how I look in shorts and it has been years since I've owned a pair. I have a plethora of short sleeve shirts so that was suitable enough.

My legs are pale and look like they belong to a chicken. Keeping the covered by jeans was just fine. Then I though about how nice it would feel to have the humid air breeze my skin. I asked my girlfriend to come with me to T.J. Maxx. She is someone I trust to tell how I wear it.

Since we live on the same part of the country who won the Civil War I walked right passed the jorts, jean shorts if you did not know. Jorts are fine for kids but not for adults. I also took a risk and went against what I typically prefer and I bought a V-neck T-shirt.

My thoughts on v-necks were that only people who work out or douche bags wore them. I was wrong. I do not work out and I'm not a douche bag and I have a v-neck. I went for the medium to improve my ego. I was satisfied and I went home.

We washed in accordance to the label. Wash in cold water then tumble dry. To my chagrin when I pulled my shirt out of the dryer it appeared to have shrunk. It was so small that my doll did not even fit in it and dolly fits in every thing.

Normally I don't return things. I am too meek to cause trouble but I seriously just bought the shirt the day before. Oh I forgot mention I washed the morning after I bought it. I decided I needed to return it. It really tied the outfit together and looked great on me.

We went to the store. I had everything you need to return, the receipt, the tags, and the shirt of course. When I told the girl at the counter what happened she had to ask a manager. The manager came to talk to us and stated they cannot exchange it because it was washed.

Dude! Really?

I've never heard of anyone buying clothes and not washing them before the first wear. I do not trust the throngs of people who tried it on before me to wash themselves properly. Heck even when I tried it on I was sweaty. So sweaty I had to wrestle all of the clothes I tried on off of me due to my sweaty back.

I used to never try clothes on because of this simple fact. How do I know when the last time that hairy guy with a mullet last showered? I imagine washing a mullet is more time than it is worth. How I know someone who hates v-necks did not come in and pee all over them. Is it a ridiculous thought? Sure but so is calling a Kardashian a celebrity.

Like I said before everyone I know washes new clothes before the first wear. Eventually after my girlfriend pleaded my case they did the return. I bought the exact same shirt in a large and will only wash it in a tub of water on mountain before dawn. I will allow it to dry by allowing angels from Heaven to flap their wings until it is sufficiently dry.

Am I to believe that T.J. Maxx is so hard up for my 9 dollars that it is worth losing a customer potentially? They don't even pay thst much to get the clothes. It is not like I had it for 30 days and washed it several times. I didn't even have it for 24 hours. I did not try to swindle them. I bought the same shirt in a large in case it shrinks again. I'm gun shy about having to return again.

If I was trying to pull a fast one then I did a bad job of it. Yes, after returning it to a different store I ended up with 5 cents more due to differing tax percentage, but if that is my grift then I will be 820 years old by the time I can retire.

I just think T.J. Maxx needs to amend its return policy. I'm willing to bet a lion's share of their customers wash their clothes first. The return policy it at the bottom of the receipt but says nothing about washing the clothes.

If wanting to be a clean person violates the return policy then it should be spelled out. Also I dropped food on my new shirt today I wonder if I can return it without cleaning it first with no problem.

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