Song By Song Rebuttal To XRT's Most Overrated Songs

Song By Song Rebuttal To XRT's Most Overrated Songs
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XRT is one of my favorite radio stations. In fact, since Q101's demise, let's face it the new station is not what the old one used to be, I listen to music on my phone. Am I a sellout? Sure, but I'm guaranteed to enjoy the music on my phone more than the radio and with less commercials.

Recently a friend of mine posted an article by XRT writer Sean McEntee listing the 10 worst and most overrated rock songs. Certain songs I agree with but I think post misses the mark. The article was posted in October of 2013 but music is always topical and so are these songs. Being the self appointed world's foremost music expert here is my rebuttal with my correct opinion.

Living On A Prayer- Bon Jovi: First sign of any great song. Play it at a bar or party of drunk people I guarantee at least the chorus will inspire plenty of off key sing a longs. Even if you don't know the song you know the chorus.

Paradise City- Guns N Roses: I don't know what the criteria for the list was but, dude, there are a plethora of bad GNR songs to pick from. You could have picked November Rain (totally awful and totally overrated) but you picked a song that you legally have to rock out to.

Here Without You- 3 Doors Down: He is right this song is awful. Totally not Kryptonite.

Photograph- Nickelback: I'm pretty sure any song by Nickelback is fodder for this list. It is just too easy to include Nickelback on this list the difficult part is picking just one song. Had it been my list I would have left them off the list. They as a band and catalogue of songs are understood as awful and overrated.

Hotel California- Eagles: I have held this opinion for years. I actually don't like Eagles at all. My problem with his inclusion of this song on the list is the following quote from the article

It’s difficult for me to comprehend this wrongly beloved single was written by the same genius who wrote “Boys of Summer.” Mr. Don Henley, you were right to go solo.

Calling Don Henley a genius is an insult to geniuses everywhere music or not.

Roxanne- The Police: Okay since everyone has World Cup Fever I have to red card Sean. The Police can do no wrong. I mean The Artist Formerly Known As Gordon released only garbage as a solo artist but The Police are pure gold!

Beverly Hills- Weezer: Weezer is awesome, however, how you didn't choose Island In The Sun for this list is beyond me.

Fly- Sugar Ray: See my reasoning for Photograph by Nickelback just substitute Nickelback with Sugar Ray. Subtract further points because Mark McGrath was a host of the tabloid news show Extra.

Jeremy- Pearl Jam: While this is by far not my favorite Pearl Jam song it was a cultural phenomenon when it was released. So many were offended by the style and them of the video about a high schooler committing suicide Eddie Vedder brought the actor out at the MTV Video Music awards to prove the video was a statement. Then I don't get this line in the article

For some reason the line “seemed a harmless little f***” bothers me within the context of the picture being painted, and it causes the entire tune to lose its appeal.

In the context of the picture being painted this is how the bullies saw Jeremy which made him a suitable victim. Also, very as soon as you hear that opening bass line you know what song it is. That is sure sign of a great song which is rated suitably.

Falling Away From Me- Korn: First off, Korn does not count as a band nor does what they do count as music.

I was 13 when Sean was born in 1992. He has me beat there. I am an old dog now. There are so many bad rock songs out there. You could have selected the Dave era, then the Sammy era, then the Gary era then the ensuing Dave eras of Van Halen. KISS has just decades of bad music and bad plastic surgery. Garth Brooks, country superstar, tried to reinvent himself as an alternative rocker named Chris Gaines. I suppose a list like this is endless but there is so many other worse songs to pick from.

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