Playing Catch Makes Me Feel Old

Playing Catch Makes Me Feel Old
It makes me feel old but I refuse to retire my mitt.

Anyone who has seen Field of Dreams remembers the scene where Ray Liotta is playing catch with his son Kevin Costner. Who knew Liotta could even be his father? Oh, Hollywood, I'll never get you. It is one of the most memorable scenes in cinema history.

I call bullshit.

How did those two older gents play catch without any arm pain? I mean Ray Liotta was a ghost so maybe a ghost's pain threshold is better than a human's but Costner would have had issues.

Why am I waxing cinematic about a baseball movie? Because I was playing catch with my girlfriend's son and almost immediately felt a pain in my shoulder. Tom Hanks taught me when he managed an all girls baseball team that there is no crying in baseball. So I kept it to myself as throw after throw missed the mark.

Then having to shag dropped balls made me regret ever smoking. Even if I haven't had a smoke in months the effects are apparent. If only I was a Jedi I could have mind tricked the ball to my hand. I need to practice my Jedi skills.

There I was a gross and sweaty mess. I could see a younger me and all of my pals from the sandlot laughing at me. Speaking of which did James Earl Jones have a baseball themed movie only clause from the late 80s to the early 90s? He was in every baseball movie! Fun fact: he was the female owner of the Cleveland Indians in Major League.

Okay so he did not play the part but the role was inspired by him. Look it up, okay don't, the internet lies and may not spill truth like I do.

I'm turning 36 tomorrow. This year I noticed gray hairs poking through and now I have to deal with pains from doing simple things like throwing. I'm not giving up on it. It is probably best that I keep it up. Recondition my body to remember what being under 30 felt like.

I know many of you are reading this and rolling your eyes because 36 isn't old. I'm sure it isn't but this is the first time I'm turning 36 so it is a lot to chew on. When I was younger this was the age I thought was old.

In four years I'll be 40. I will most likely lament what it felt like to be 36. I will probably remark about how alive I was. If I wasn't such an attention starved entertainer I'd remove my birthday from Facebook...

...but here we are.

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