I Have Not Seen Every Movie, Such A Shocker

I Have Not Seen Every Movie, Such A Shocker
Nobody puts music in the corner.

I have never seen Lion King. This incites people and they ask if my parents hated me.

Fact: When Lion King was released I was the ripe old age of 16. I doubt I was in Dinsey's target audience.

No I was not robbed of my childhood. My childhood was pretty adequate. My mom recognized that at that age I was more interested boobs than a movie about a lion who would become Elton John. I do not know if that is what the movie is about. I am just guessing.

I know there is something about the circle of life and there no appearance by Mowgli or Baloo. It is as if the not Rudyard Kipling version of the Jungle Book did not happen at all.

As usual I am off topic. I will not lie, not as if you could catch me in it but I am not a Disney movie fan. I cannot be too sure what movies of that ilk I have seen. I probably saw Cinderalla but not Beauty and the Beast.

There are several movies I have not seen that oddly shocks people. I did not see Blues Brothers until my mid twenties. My friends at the time believed I should be kicked out of Chi-town for that. Then I stopped being friends with them because they were the kind of people who said Chi-town.

I have also not seen Avatar. I almost have no desire too. I have heard it is good. Supposedly, there is a sequel coming out. That just means I will have to watch the first theeeeen the sequel. I don't know if I have time for that.

I have avoided like the plague to not watch The Sound of Music. That was no easy task because it was an Easter time staple at my house. It is how I learned to look at something and not watch it.

I have only seen enough of Dirty Dancing to quote the most memorable quote from it.

No one should leave that baby in the corner. Where are his/her parents?

I am guessing the movie takes weird twist at some point or Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore have a ghost baby.

My fellow geeks will be surprised to know that I did not see the Star Wars trilogy until the first re-release in the 90's. I played with Star Wars toys at my friend's house but I would just guess what my character was supposed to do.

Sports people insist I should watch Slap Shot and at least on of the Rocky movies. The former put me to sleep within a half hour. The latter seems difficult to understand without subtitles.

Those are just some of the movies I either have never watched or watched completely. Yes, some of these surprise people. I may never see them. I just lack the time to see every movie ever made. Going to the theater is expensive. I'd rather play on my iPad instead.

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