I Cancelled Community. I Am Sorry Danny Pudi

I Cancelled Community. I Am Sorry Danny Pudi
I am sorry, Danny Pudi. I have failed you

Over the last few years there has been one sitcom that I have thoroughly enjoyed, Community. I have been a fan of Joel McHale for a long time as host of The Soup. So when there was word that he was going to star in an ensemble comedy I was excited.

I did not know a lot of names in the cast besides Chevy Chase, but when I started watching I knew this cast had chemistry. The show was known for being quirky and for pretty smart writing. Community wasn't afraid to think outside the box.

One of my favorite episodes was the Sophie B. Hawkins Dance episode. The dance was a feminist character's response to the traditional Sadie Hawkins Dance when women ask a gent they fancy to the dance. Sophie B. even made an appearance.

Why am I using past tense? Well because some buffoon, I love that word, decided the world can't get enough of The Voice but there just wasn't room on NBC for Community. It has been cancelled.

No, despite this blog's headline, I am not that buffoon, still love that word.. Let me explain to you why I think I cancelled Community. Ever since it began I watched it religiously. I made time for it. I looked forward to it. I had conversations with friends about it. I could not get enough.

Then I started school and suddenly school along with a job and a life got in the way of my TV viewing habits. I thought okay so I will record this season and even if I miss a couple of episodes I will still have time to catch up. However, Walking Dead and The Following are hour long shows which demanded more attention.

Eventually a couple of episodes turned into 5, turned into 10, and then was a whole season thus far. I though about attacking it. I could reasonably watch 4 episodes a night at some point and be caught up within a week. I watched a couple of episodes but then for reasons unrelated to Community I got tired. Soon the task became so daunting I did not know what to do.

I have only watched a couple of episodes this season. I failed Community, comedy, and worst of all I failed my pal Danny Pudi. Danny is one of the stars of the show. He comically plays the movie and TV obsessed fanboy, Abed. Okay so legally I do not think I am allowed to call him pal.

You see, I used to take classes for improv at The Second City in 2012. Danny came and did a Q and A session. He did a short and informal meet and greet after and I got a super rad pic. I was the nerdy fanboy. He was humble and nice and even laughed at some of my jokes.

Surely he now thinks of that day with great disdain. He doesn't remember me as that pretty funny comedian he got to meet after the meet and greet. Nope now I am just a traitor. I have failed him and I will never be sorry enough. Nothing I can do will restore my reputation.

There are rumors of maybe a movie or at least another network picking the show up. If these don't pan out then I can start a Kickstarter campaign and become the new producer of the show. It will air on public access or something.

Yes, I am coming clean. I apologize to my fellow fans of Community. Most of all I am sorry to Danny Pudi or the Pood Dude as I don't actually call him. I have some money you can borrow, no scratch that, you can just have it. I have a job. You don't have a job. I would be some kind of monster to ask for money back.

Also, I am giving you money because #YOLO.

Just a quick side note: I will be on Mancow tomorrow, May 12th between 6-8a.m. It was fun and I had a good time. In Chicago you can view it on UPN channel 50 on most providers. I think it is channel 13 on cable.

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