Bad Cover Songs That Make My Ears Bleed

Bad Cover Songs That Make My Ears Bleed
Covers so bad I want to jam pencils in my ears

I wrote a post about cover songs that were better than the original. Just the same there are songs that should not be touched or do not do the original songs justice. Nothing is worse than a mess of cover album. I am looking at you Scarlett Johansson and your Tom Waits cover album. How can you claim to be a fan then murder his music to death?

Generally I can appreciate covers for what they are. I don't want covers to sound exactly the same but in the ballpark is okay. Some songs do so little justice to the original I wonder where the motivation came from. Here is a list of cover songs I dislike. This is my opinion feel free to disagree or add to the list.

Godhead- Eleanor Rigby- I don't know this band outside of this train wreck mistake of a cover. I'm not a religious Beatles fan. My like for them comes and goes but this is one of my favorite songs by them. This cover is badly awful.

Limp Biscuit- Faith and Behind Blue Eyes- I shouldn't pick on Nu-metal bands but I can't make this list and ignore these aberrations of songs by this bad band. Out of the two I can swallow Faith but Behind Blue Eyes is something they should be put in music jail for.

Nickelback- Saturday's Alright For Fighting- First of all well it is Nickelback. Secondly, this cover makes me only want to find them on a Saturday and have someone else fight for me. I'm a wuss.

Sheryl Crow- Sweet Child O Mine- There is only one version of this song I want to hear. That is the version with the iconic guitar intro by Slash. This cover is so far off the mark that I actually feel bad for Axl Rose. Damn you, Crow, for making me feel that way.

Guns and Roses- Live And Let Die- I suppose that maybe GNR deserves to have one of their best songs ruined. They did this cover no justice at all. I feel a little less bad for Axl now.

Seether- Careless Whisper- Seether ruined an already bad song by George Michael with a forced guttural groaning version that is best unheard. Credit to Ben Folds and Rufus Wainwright for their version which is better than anything you've heard.

UB40- I Can't Help Falling In Love With You- UB so wrong for letting this cover see the light of day. It is a low light of the 90's that this the song was a hit.

Vanilla Ice- Under Pressure- This cover is so bad he doesn't even sing the right lyrics.

Yes I know this is a different song. I'm making a little tiny joke.

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