Throwback Thursday Is Not Enough I Offer Every Themed Day

Throwback Thursday Is Not Enough I Offer Every Themed Day
It took years to grow. Into my face

If you are a Facebookenite then you have no doubt encountered Throwback Thursday or #TBT or #throwbackThursday. I write the whole thing when I do it because words still serve a purpose.

If you are unaware Throwback Thursday is when folks post old pics of themselves. Sometimes it is a group of friends going to Bible study. Sometimes it is a group of friends encouraging another friend to do a wicked keg stand at that epic party when we were in high school.

Remember that party in high school? No? Well we are all getting tagged in that photo so ready your alibi.

I'm so serious about Throwback Thursday that I post mine on Myspace. Oh man, you guys, remember Myspace? Kids, Myspace is what Facebook used to be before it got Myspaced.

I am so enthusiastic about Throwback Thursday I decided everyday should be themed. Here is what my dream theme filled week would look like. I can't take credit for all of these my girlfriend offered some good ideas as well.

Complain and Make Up Sunday- You begin the day with a complaint about your significant other or person you are boning. Then after they read it or a mutual friend tells them you spend the night kissing their butt and telling the world how wonderful they are and posting pictures of you canoodling with him/her.

Make Fun Of A Random Monday- Find any random person on Facebook and just take them down a few pegs throughout the day. Hint: the nicer the person is the better it adds to the drama of it all.

Take It Back Tuesday Remember that poor innocent soul you ripped to shreds on Monday? Today you recant. You take it all back. This day is super fun because it is a good way to mind fuck your friends.

Talk In Gif Wednesdays- Gifs are animated image usually found on the internet like this one:

The point being is to have whole text conversations in this manner. You could even include a gif in a presentation to a big client because everyone loves gifs!

Thursday will be Throwback Day

Throwback Thursday Friday- Dudes! Remember  yesterday and all of the old pics? No? Well today let's remember yesterday and other previous #TBTs.

Check-in Saturday- Give each room of your house a name and make a place you can check into. Make sure every time you go to a different room you check in.

Example: Check-in in the bathroom. "Dropping deuces" (pics optional)

Now every single day has a theme. All it takes is one person to begin this wave of awesome theme days. Let's do this!

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