How The Stomach Flu Stole Record Store Day

How The Stomach Flu Stole Record Store Day
When you schedule a post something goes awry.

So this is not the post Record Store Day article I planned on. Truthfully I hadn't planned on it at all. I was going to let the series stand on its own and just appreciate the hunt. That was not meant to be. On Saturday I was felled by a nasty, brutal, and wretched stomach flu.

On Thursday I did what any good boyfriend would do and I took care of my girlfriend as she suffered a nasty, brutal, and wretched stomach flu. I was a bit cocky about it. I was confident that I would not catch it. Either way there is no way I was going to let her suffer it alone.

I felt fine on Friday there was no indication of what was around the corner. I went work and scheduled a Facebook/Twitter post which exclaimed

"Happy Record Store Day"

My tiny, little internet world was not aware of the monster growing inside of me. It was typical stomach flu fare along with full body pains and every gross thing after. I will spare the gruesome details. What happens in the bathroom stays in the bathroom...

I was going to try to stick it out at work because I do have a strong work ethic and because then I would not have to miss Record Store Day. I did I missed the whole entire thing. I blame my aging body which has a dumb and weakening immune system that can't handle a dumb and little stomach flu.

That last sentence was meant to be humorous but the frustration of me and many a writer is that tone goes undefined in text.

Every once in a while I would check out Facebook as a form of torture. My newsfeed ran through stories of RSD hits and misses. A lot of my friends bought albums they were hoping for. I managed to kind of convince myself that even going after work I would have missed out on the RSD special releases.

I have made plans to go next year already. As it sounds I might be camping out in the wee hours waiting for a record store to open so I can maybe get the records I have my sights on. Some of the albums I wanted to get this year are on eBay for way more than what they sold at retail. I'm going to give it time and see if they are sold elsewhere for cheaper.

Though I suppose I should save my money after missing work.

Even as I write this post I don't feel 100% but I'm back amongst the living world that can eat solid food and hopefully can enjoy this coffee. Record stores are still standing so I can make any day Record Store Day.

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