Sometimes You Can't Be As Happy As Everyone Else

Sometimes You Can't Be As Happy As Everyone Else
When I think of her this happens

Many of us are susceptible to envy. It is one of the deadly sins. We can look at those around us, we can see strangers. We wonder when we will have it as good as them. When will the world be OUR oyster? Unless you are not into oysters then the world can be your pizza. Sometimes people look for the happiness they see in others.

You have to find happiness in yourself.

It is possible. If you are breathing then I think if you really think about it you can find your reason. Yes, there are sometimes mental diseases that can prevent it or make it difficult, but most others can and should.

If you seek the happiness that others have then you will always be chasing it. Find the happiness in yourself. Unless you want to be as happy as Mr. Rogers then I totally understand. We cannot have the happiness that others have because it belongs to them and stealing is wrong.

I am an expert on very little. I know how easy it is to want more. Sometimes I wish I would have committed to college when I was younger. I wish I would have graduated and got a job as a millionaire. Being a millionaire is a job, right? I mean the Kardashians are millionaires for a living.

Cancer had other plans. I could have went back but I was/am a dreamer. I chose to follow my dreams. Sometimes those dreams did not pay well. I made poor financial decisions. So much so that last year I had to file for bankruptcy. It is still hard to admit that. I've talked many times about my health issues so I won't again.

There are countless reasons I could be unhappy about. However, I am very happy. The wonderful things that I have far outweigh the not so wonderful. I have a job, I have a great and supportive girlfriend, I have a wonderful family and friends, and I have many outlets for my comedy. I write it here and perform it on stage.

That is of course not every single reason I have too be happy but it is the best reasons for me. When I get down I think of one of the things I listed and a smile finds its way upon my face. Do I think it is easy? Nope, not at all. It has taken time and for many things to happen to me for me to get here.

Am I saying that I don't want more? Of course I want more. I want it all. I know I can't have it all but I will never stop trying. I can be a dreamer. I just need to wake up and see reality too. I get sad, I get envious of others. I sometimes wish I made better decisions.

Then I remember the butterfly effect. Any decision made differently in the past would have changed my present and I love the now. The now is a sweet place. I am staying in the now for the rest of my life while looking forward to my future. I see happiness and feel it every day. I do not want what others have because it is not what I have...and what I have is pretty swell.

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