Record Store Day: Music Geek it Up With Me Tomorrow

Record Store Day: Music Geek it Up With Me Tomorrow
Record Store Day is tomorrow April 19

Records have survived compact discs and cassettes. They have thus far survived mp3s. I am happy see younger generations at record stores. I am glad that they are helping to keep the vinyl format alive. It is still the most pure way to listen to music.

Yes, that last sentence is the mantra of music snobs everywhere. Music in its purest form is simplistic. Guitar, amp, bass, drums, make it loud, and repeat or make soft and quiet. Music surrounds me. It is there when I wake, on my drive to and from anywhere, and pretty much all the time.

Music has been there for me through every great time and every bad time. It has provoked emotions out of me. Music has provided me with so many great memories and some not so great like the time I got knocked out during a performance by Motörhead.

Everyone always asks what music technology will come next? Maybe it is records maybe records are the wave of the future. History has come back to remind of the good times. The time is now to embrace it. There is room for the community of music geeks to rise. Embrace your geek and wave your nerdy musical flag in celebration of Record Store Day tomorrow, April 19.

Record labels are always looking for ways to beat the internet. Well records are mp3 proof. Apple has yet to release the iPlayer for records yet.

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