Record Store Day: I'll Listen to Whomever I Want

Record Store Day: I'll Listen to Whomever I Want
Grease is for my girlfriend...I swear

I do consider myself to be an uppity music snob. I trick myself into believing I am fighting the good fight. I snicker when a band like Motley Crue announces their "final" tour, yeah for this year maybe. We all know when they are attention starved and whatever STD they've caught has cleared up they will announce their reunion tour.

I can even see through a band getting back together for the money. I used to judge bands for this then Pixies did it and now it is okay because well Pixies are back!

The conversation will come up among the music snob elite about which bands make for the optimal vinyl listening experience. My answer is that I will listen to any band I dig on vinyl. Of course I understand that some bands do not convert well to vinyl. I just want them to spin and spin.

I can appreciate and sniff out the bands that sounds tremendous on vinyl. You can go with Toys in the Attic or anything Cat Stevens for old favorites. You can also go with Lumineers, Mumford and Sons, or Band of Horses if you are into a more contemporary scene.

I am just saying everything I like to listen to sounds just fine on vinyl. No need to get all Judgey McJudgey and the Sunshine Band about it. It sounds fine because I am in to the bands I purchase. Sure sometimes I will buy an album out of curiosity but most times I don't.

I want to buy Tom Waits but I cannot afford all of his albums on record. I have most of it digitally but I have to imagine it does not get much better than a rainy night, a stiff drink, my woman, and Tom Waits on the record player. I just can't cut the baby in half and choose one.

The best music on vinyl is whatever music you fancy. It is whatever music makes you feel. So listen to whomever or whatever you please on vinyl. Unless it is Dub Step, Dub Step sucks on any format.

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