Record Store Day: A Celebration for Music Geeks Like Me

Record Store Day: A Celebration for Music Geeks Like Me
Let the records play

I love music so much I am a geek about music. I am proud it is probably the geekiest thing about me. I am not a comic book geek, a RPG geek, nor a faberge egg geek if that is not a thing it should be. Faberge sounds like it would make a delicious omelet. I used to have a Pac Man record player and even a Pac Man record that told a Pac Man-esque tale and sang Pac Man-esque songs. All of this Pac Man record talk leads me to my point. This Saturday is a music geek's Bastille Day, April 19th is Record Store Day!

My chica I want to get lost on road trip with (girlfriend) bought me a record player this past Christmas. It is one of the best gifts I have ever received. Since then I have been trying to find records by bands that I love, I want used and weathered. I buy new as well. It is a treasure hunt. If I had the means and the space I would get every album i currently own and have it on vinyl as well.

Record Store Day was conceived in 2007 when a group of independent record stores got together with the purpose of shining a light on their stores. Since then it has come an event that is celebrated on every continent besides Antarctica which is pointed out on the Record Store Day website.

I have fond memories of Hegewisch Records I would either be driven there or take a bus. I could and did spend hours there thumbing through all of the records. I was too young to ever afford any but I just got lost in it. There is something about the way a vinyl album smells that I find inviting. The spinning black circle hypnotizes me and I am lost until I hear the familiar hiss of the end of record and flip it.

There are many special record releases from David Bowie, Bastille, Pixies, and Veruca Salt. Yes, you heard me correctly, Pixies are releasing new materail. Veruca Salt is too and that is awesome but not as fucking awesome as new songs from Pixies.

I work on Record Store Day, my job does not recognize it as a holiday. After work I am going to celebrate by going to a couple of my favorite local record stores and will most likely lay down a lot of scratch on some new music or at least a new format to listen to songs I already own.

This week I am celebrating records and the purveyors of records. It will lead up to THE day that I will run naked and free with new records.

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