Record Store Day: A Young Man and His Records

Record Store Day: A Young Man and His Records
My girlfriend began my new collection with these.

As a young man I did not have the knowledge nor the funds to buy records or cassettes. Cassettes were the most popular way to listen to music when I was a kid. Compact discs were still in their infancy. So I was left listening to my dad's records. My introduction to music came in the form of Led Zeppelin and Michael Jackson's Thriller album. Either my dad had a wide range of musical tastes or my mom contributed. I am guessing the real reason is the latter.

In my previous post i wrote about the Pac Man album I apparently could not get enough of. I also took time to listen to albums by living people as well. I love Thriller by Michael Jackson, at that time he was just a talented and not quite at the peak of being a nut job. I loved the album, but my love for it went away when my opinion of him as a person changed.

I would listen to Led Zeppelin and James Taylor. I had no idea what kids my age in the 80s were into. I just knew I didn't care to try and find out. I lived in my little musical world. I sat on the floor of my bed room and tried to understand what the songs were about.

My dad left and took his records with him. I fell head first into cassettes and CDs because I was a kid and always on the go so my music had to be portable. Regretfully I lost touch with vinyl. I went digital because records became harder and harder to find. Record stores would close because big box stores owned the market. I became part of the problem. I missed vinyl and the serenity and peace it gave me and one day I rediscovered my appreciation.

I would later find out my dad no longer had his records. Word has it they were gleefully sold in a garage sale. I always wonder if one day when I am out treasure hunting whether or not I will happen upon them. Either way I am looking to build up my collection again. I will find a crate or something to keep them all in and orderly. I am enjoying the hunt and remembering the birth of my love for music and from whence it came.

It was a world without iPods and the ability to carry your whole music collection with you wherever. It was a world without shuffle and having to flip from A side to B side. It was a sweet waxy world and I loved not knowing who was who in my dad's collection. It was the most raw way of getting to know music. I was and remain a music geek.

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