The Backstage Antics At A Comedy Show.

The Backstage Antics At A Comedy Show.
We arrive quiet and shy, then this happens...

Comedians and musicians are known for being funny so states Captain Obvious. He might be a Lieutenant now, I cannot recall. Some if not most comedians and musicians are known for a life of excess. Be it booze, drugs, food, or coloring by number, comedians and musicians are always chasing something. They are chasing highs, dreams, their tails, or cars if you leave the door open.

Over the weekend I had a show. The sweetest sound to a comedian's and musician's ears is free. As in free drinks, free food, and laughter. Yep, in that order though in some cases you can switch drinks and food. The table backstage was a mosaic of beer bottles, set lists, and pizza.

Sometimes there is the peek out into the audience. We are looking to see how many are in a attendance and who. Do we see friends and family? Is that booker who promised he would show this time out there? It becomes like a grade school recital. Most artists just want to be loved or at the very least not completely hated.

I have a habit personally of looking at my set list too many times. I hate my set, I think I am not funny, and I consider scratching the set and starting over. I do this before every set, I have done this a bunch of times per show. My fuzzy math says I have done this hundreds of times.

We do our best to be attentive for a plethora of reasons. We want to be supportive. We want to hear how well it is going. We also want to hear what the loud guy is yelling about in the front row. Then we find out he is not in the front row and he is just that loud.

I was able to hang out with some old friends. I spilled my drink as my wine glass crashed to the floor before I uttered a word of my second set. By all accounts I was drunk, no I am just clumsy.

The drinks pile up, it becomes a monument of a night filled with laughter on stage and back stage. The once wide eyed gaze of the audience is now glazed over due to two shows of free drinks. Every thing we say to each other is hilarious even when it is not. It is times like these when being an artist is fun.

I am not the kind of comedian who is going to dedicate his whole to comedy. I am too old for that. I cannot give my whole entire self to it but damn it if it isn't fun. I love being identified as a comedian but it is not all that defines me. I love to laugh, I love hearing others laugh, I love creating something out of the ether that makes people laugh.

Let's end wars, let's laugh more.

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