I'm Adding These Words To My Lexicon

I'm Adding These Words To My Lexicon
Who has paper dictionaries anymore?

It is a new year and since I'm still using 2013 to write dates it is not too late for a "turn of the year" post. I have decided my vocabulary has become vanilla and boring. It needs to be refreshed. I have spent way too much time thinking of words I am going to start using with more regularity.

I am thinking of it as a word and phrase recovery program. Yes, I have come up with phrases I would rather not see go by the wayside. Wherever the wayside is anyway. Yes, it is in list form, I hope it okay that I steal the list thing from my fellow blog friends. Now I will spend way to much time picking between bullet points or the good ole numbering system...


...okay numbering it is.

1. Cool breeze- I am going to start referring to more people as cool breeze, but only if they deserve it. If you are uptight or not entirely cool then I'm keeping it in my pocket.

Example: Hey, Willie Jr., how's it going, cool breeze?

2. Cat's pajamas- Truth be told, I already use this phrase a lot, maybe too much, but it is fun. It is my suggestion that you start using this phrase more as a way of praising someone.

Example: Hey, Willie Jr. You are the cat's pajamas!

3. Bee's knees- okay this is just like the day's pajamas but I couldn't not split the baby on this one. I do love using this phrase with regularity as well. Again, I'm encouraging you to add it to your lexicon. According to the etymology it was once believed the sweetest honey came from the bee equivalent to knees. Yeah I once looked it up, not even as research for this blog. I'm just a nerd.

Example: Hey, Willie Jr., you're the bee's knees!

4. Kerfluffle or do you say kerfuffle?- I am pretty excited about this one. I'm probably too excited, I want a disturbance to occur so I can use this word, maybe I will create my own situations for this word to be used.

Example: Hey, Willie Jr., that was quite the kerfluffle, are you okay?

5. Coitus- I might change this, I won't use it as a way to define intercourse, but as a substitute for the word "fuck". Nothing is a better insult than throwing off the other party with a word they'll later have to look up.

Example: Hey, Willie Jr., go coitus yourself.

6. Stoked- No, not as in what you just did to the logs in the fireplace, but as in a word to describe excitement. I once thought I was keeping myself young with this word, but now I think only old people who listened to The Refreshments when they were a thing say this word.

Example: Hey, Willie Jr., I'm stoked to hang out it has been too long!

7. Scratch- No, not in the way of curing an itch or things dudes do to feel more manly, but as a term for money. I don't hear this often enough. I can only assume this term was born from the olden days when people paid for things by scratching IOUs into each other's skin. Okay, I cannot confirm that is actually a thing but sure.

Example: Hey, Willie Jr., can I borrow some scratch until Tuesday?

8. Doll- I already use this term affectionately for my one and only but usually only in text. I really want to start using it more verbally. There is such a classy feel to it. I can imagine her in 50's garb and I'm in a pin stripe suit sipping a dry martini and I'll call her "doll". I don't know if I have a Willie Jr. Example that wouldn't be weird but...

Example- Hey Willie Jr., no I didn't ask to see your doll, I was addressing my girlfriend also, a 25 year old shouldn't have a doll, I do not care if you've built a house for them or not.

So that is just a few of what I could come up with. I am sure more will pop up so maybe it'll be part of a series or a post I will write every year. Are there any words you want to add? Feel free to comment them below.

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