MS versus Cancer versus Diabetes and why this is the worst challenge

MS versus Cancer versus Diabetes and why this is the worst challenge
That is one effing big needle

I have been MS'd up for a good few months now, and this disease is not as fun as I just made it sound. I learned from Punk'd that "'D" makes anything seem better than it is. So yeah, stupid MS, it makes me feel tired a lot and is a pain in my everything. It is so effing dumb. I have diabetes and beat cancer twice and those were cake compared to this.

I am taking vitamins not because I want to but because I have to. What am I 36? No! I am only a sprite 35. I think the worst thing about the MS is the no cure part, sure there's no cure for cancer but at least they took out my cancerous ball. They cannot remove the MS without making me as smart as a Kardashian, and my Kardashian spite streak continues. Kanye sucks too.

I am a member of a MS Facebook page, it is such a downer. I swear the best thing that happens to these people is the promise that medical marijuana is a thing in Illinois now. I am just saying no because I want to be a teacher and I am pretty sure weed is whack(like crack) even medicinally.

I am being sardonic in a sense, I do not want to admit that this is a struggle. I think I might need new meds, maybe, I don't know I am too tired to think about it. I would not prefer to have cancer either, I am only left with one ball, you take that from me and all I am is Chaz Bono. On second thought, he is already more of a man than I am. I just remember the days after my surgery, home from work and high on pain killers, not having to change my clothes for weeks. It only became musky when the pain killers wore off.

Now here comes the summary paragraph where I talk blah blah blah about not letting MS beat me.

I am not going to let MS beat me, I hope you can find the humor I tried to convey in this post. Yes, MS sucks and I hate it but I am reminded with every breathe, every rain drop, and every ray of sunshine why life is good. Yeah, being tired and in pain sucks...a lot but not being able to feel tired or feel pain would suck so much more. Seriously though, I wish the people in the MS Facebook group would lighten up, it could be could be married to a Kardashian. AmIright, Kanye and Lamar?

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