My sudden affinity for white rap

I am not a huge rap music or hip hop fan. I tried when I was very young to ask my parents to buy NWA for a Christmas present. It wasn't because I liked NWA or had a problem with the police, I was just trying to be like the cool kids. The bad "N" word was repeated over and over again and I remember my dad asking...

"You really like this?" which I replied.

"Can I just have Will Smith instead"

After all, he spoke my language about parents and their lack of understanding. Then I finally found music that "spoke" to me. Something about how dangerous it is with the lights out. Yes, in my heart I am rock but with an appreciation for urban poetry.

Lately, I have been enjoying rap a little more. No I am not a fan of Two Chains or is it 2 Chainz or is it Too Chayns? No, instead I have been listening to Macklemore and Eminem. Don't judge me, have you heard "Bezerk" by Marshall Mathers? It samples "The Stroke" by Billy Squier so that is reason enough to dig it.

Then there is Macklemore hip hopping about going to the Thrift Store and partying so much that your ceiling may be in danger. See white rap is all about danger as well.

Snow was pretty gangster by Canadian standards. There is a hidden message and agenda we all missed when he talks of licking a boom boom down in "Informer". If you slow it down and listen to it backwards you find it is laden with pro You Can't Do That On Television propaganda. Not that I am against it, that show was the bomb, fo' shizzle.

One white rapper I will not poke fun at is my buddy, Problem Addict. He is local, in Aurora, is stupid talented. Stupid as in really talented. I used to work with him and I remember him giving me lessons. I chose ukulele instead, but this dude can sling rhymes. If you dig hip hop or support local artists then check out his video below. I am still waiting for our rap/ukulele collaboration to happen.

So next time you see me bopping my head it is most likely not to Kanye or Little Weezy but a white rapper or to my usual whiney rock music.

Problem Addict- Radio Plays

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