Everyone should have their own theme song

I have been wondering lately, why is it that movies and television shows have soundtracks? Why am I disallowed to have my own theme song?

Don't you think every morning would be more amazing, or to be grammatically correct, amazinger, if you woke to your own epic orchestral theme? Sure it would be a little more chaotic and little louder but my productivity would go through the roof.

My personal theme would be Friends of P by The Rentals, because after all if you are friends with P then you are friends with me. It seems rather perfect for me.

I would also need a love theme so after seconds of deliberation I pick The First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes. Truth be told it is already the song that wakes me in the morning.

Though I need something more as my opening theme song for the day. I am thinking A Grand Theft Intermission by Amanda Palmer, I would surely wake ready for the day.

Every great movie needs an awesome fight sequence song. This one took some time to come up with. I finally settled on You're the Best by Joe Esposito, yeah Karate Kid already did, but this is my blog post and I am allowed to be as awesome as I want in the fake world I want to surround myself in.

What would you choose as the soundtrack to your life? You have to take careful consideration this is a very important question. These songs will shape your day, your life, and your fight scenes.

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My celebratory song:


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