A kiss that helped me fall in love

We have all seen in the movies, that moment when the main characters kiss for the first time and it bursts. I used to think that was bunch of hooey, until it happened to me. It is a kiss that I will never forget. It was all of those magical things. It was the fireworks, it was the pomp, and it was one I will never forget.

I thought about the possibilities for quite some time. Should I or shouldn't I? What if I am bad at it? What if I have built it up so far in my head that when the moment of truth arrives it will fall flat? All of these thoughts happened in a flash because when the moment came it was completely unexpected.

I am not the kind to make the first move. I am not confident enough in reading signals. I mean if I am wrong then this will go horribly. Heck, even if it went right, who knows what is the next move. In the few seconds that lead up to it, I talked myself into doing it and out of doing a hundred times. I might have even used the scientific eeny meeny miney moe. There was most likely other methods of elimination afoot. Then came go time.

I stopped time, I stopped it all, there was just silence. I spoke words, words that will remain with me and her. I leaned over. I could feel my brain telling me to stop but my heart pressed forward. My lips inched closer to hers, she wasn't stopping me. I could not be stopped, this was supposed to happen. I became an inch from her face, there was a heat.

Then there it was...

The fireworks.

The pomp

The magical things

And I fell in love.

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