Would you want to know when you might perish?

Scientists in the UK claim they've developed a device that can predict mortality. The device is the size of a wristwatch and can supposedly not only predict death but also test for diseases. It should be available to doctors within the next few years.

This made me ask myself...

Would I want to know?

I can't think of a good reason to know when you may pass away. I personally wouldn't want to know. Learning this information would haunt me every day I had left. Learning of my cancer and multiple sclerosis was hard enough to swallow, when I'm going to die would probably be worst. It does beg the question of what I would do on my final days.

I would quit my job for sure, and it would be an epic happening and would most likely include oompah loompahs and an awesome guitar solo. I would also become a superhero, if my days are numbered I might as well go out with a bang.

There are numerous reasons to know and not to know. One of my friends said she would want to know so she could quit her job and start living off her retirement rather than pay into it.

It seems like such a strange power to have. However, it is not 100% there are other factors that you simply can't predict. With advances in medicine you could be cured of what ails you and all of that suspense was for nothing. I could not imagine being a doctor and delivering this kind of news. New technology always has bugs at first and is never perfect, so who knows if this is viable? I'd love to hear your comments regarding this.

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