When a robbery copies art

This is a story that made some headlines last week. A group of robbers, inspired by "The Town" which stars Ben Affleck, robbed $200,000 from a store. I have seen the movie and, for an Affleck film, it is not bad. The robbers copied specific details from the movie such as wearing latex masks, pouring bleach to remove evidence from the scene and advising employees of personal information as a threat. They also rode Matt Damon's coat tails to the store. Hey, give me credit it took me this long without poking fun at Affleck. Besides I doubt he reads this blog or has it read to him, that's number 2.

There is a mountain of evidence against the robbers, exchanges of e-mails, including one thanking the company for the great job they did and a picture of one of the robbers wearing a shirt with a screen shot from the movie.

This story made me think of my own movie themed capers:

Home Alone- I am not robbing a house with Daniel Stern, that is the first problem. Instead I am setting up the booby traps to keep the occupants of the house at bay. Yep, paint cans to the face and ice steps for all.

Office Space- I do not want to steal money but I do want to beat the shit out of the fax machine, I am pretty sure that is illegal.

Ghost- All I need is an exorcist and I am golden.

Set it Off- I do not want to commit this crime, I just want to hang out with Queen Latifah.

Weekend at Bernie's- What a fun weekend that was, it is surprising how long he kept. There were a ton of laws broken but set to 80's music, it is just fun.

Mrs. Doubtfire- Okay so I know this is not a movie about crime but I would dress as an old lady and steal tips from the tables during early bird specials at a restaurant. Sure it would take me 27 years at least but I would make bank around then.

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