Things I did besides watch Bears preseason football

I have written before about how my like, it was never love, of sports is waning. From other idiot fans saying idiotic things like idiots will to rampant cheating; it's no wonder I am slowly detracting. Some would say I am a lesser Chicago Bears fan because I've yet to watch a second of preseason football. It's not that I just don't want to but also I've been very busy on whatever days they were on.

I am a shameless fair weather fan, I don't have time to waste on watching a team that's even better than average. I used to be a big White Sox fan but now I hardly know who is on the team anymore.

Back to my original point, preseason football is like foreplay without actually getting down. You watch a quarter maybe two of fun football, then guys who won't make the team clog your television and the hope of a productive evening. Here's a tip, record the evening news and go out, the news will do all the heavy lifting and show the highlights and you can watch the best parts of the game in like three minutes. Then you'll have time for foreplay and time to get down.

I did laundry and got caught up my outstanding Words With Friends requests and I watched the Catfish Reunion Show. Sure the most productive part was the laundry, or was it? Did you see that I got caught up on all of my games on Words With Friends? I also registered for my second semester of school, I think I'm kind of sophomore-esque now, I'm not sure.

I am not sure how much football I will catch this fall. There's all of those games of Words With Friends and homework and dates to go on. I think I much prefer those things at this stage in my life than watching guys get paid too much to do what some do leisurely. Sports have their place in my life, right now that place is outside of my arm's length.

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