The 24 hour stroke

The 24 hour stroke
Hey, look! I got accepted to Stroke U! Also, that sounds dirty ha ha!

A couple of weeks ago this blog was rather silent. It appears that you have all made God angry and he took it out on his or her pin cushion..yours truly. I left work early on a Monday, which is always tempting but I swear this time was legit.

Perhaps I should start from the beginning. I woke in morning, so right there I was off to a good start, but there was one issue in noticed, my sight was blurred and appeared as if I spent the last 6 hours not sleeping but staring into the sun. I could manage enough to shower so I figured driving was a good idea. Sure, I could barely see but I was able to see other large driving machines so off I went.

I figured my so-called affliction would be gone by the time I got to work. I was wrong, I could not see very much on the computer screen and dialed a couple of wrong numbers. I went to the bathroom to freak out a bit. Then went back to my desk and told my boss my issues and said I should drive to the hospital. Yep, that was a decision I made twice.

I did not go far. I parked in the Walmart parking lot and called my girlfriend to find out where the closest ER was. After asking what was wrong, she decided she should drive her dope of a boyfriend to the ER.

Fast forward pass the hilarity and fun that we brought to the ER. It should be noted I had a CT scan of my head.

There I lay in the ER, on the uncomfortable bed which did not help my pain, oh yeah, I forgot to mention my whole body was pain. Not in pain, just pain shaped like a handsome young man, ahem. Oh and other symptoms included almost passing out twice over the weekend After hearing my symptoms again, my girlfriend said it sounded like a migraine. I've never had one so I did not know. I then said I hope it is more than a migraine because going to the ER for a migraine seemed silly.

I waited about an hour for my diagnosis. The doctor came in, his face was grim, which I figured meant bad news because usually doctor's show no emotion. My silly hope came to fruition, it was more than a migraine. The initial diagnosis was that I suffered a stroke. I wanted to laugh but something told me this was not a joke. Seriously, aren't I too young and awesome for a stroke? Well yes, actually, because as I said this was my initial diagnosis. There would be another...

I was sent for an MRI later that day. For 24 hours, I believed I suffered a stroke I even made the following declaration on Facebook.

So health updates on Facebook are silly but here it goes. It is believed that at some point over the weekend I had a stroke, not an intense one but my vision is blurred and I'm in pain. I have my motor skills and my speech is fine. Diabetes, smoking, and cancer have contributed to my current condition. I'm going to do everything I can to prevent this from happening again, but, honestly, I'm freaking the eff out.

It wasn't too long after that when a nurse, yep a nurse, told me that I didn't have a stroke. Well, great, right? Nope, the real diagnosis wasn't much better. More on that tomorrow...

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