Top 5 reasons vitamin D deficiency is worse than diabetes

I have taken on a writing partner, Crystal of Parenting Without a Parachute. Her humor is just like mine and maybe a little funnier. I am excited to write with her and share our mutual humor with you. She won't stop talking about her "disease" vitamin D deficiency and tries to convince me that her "affliction" is a more worthy cause. Below is her list of reasons. I am not trying to suggest that vitamin D deficiency is not a cause for concern, oh wait, that's exactly what I am saying.

1. The world caters to you and your need to know carb amounts. Everything I look at in my mom's pantry lists the carb amounts per serving. But do these so-called consumer friendly products list the Vitamin D percentages? No! They don't! How will I ever be able to calculate my Vitamin D consumption without this information? Am I just supposed to guess and keep living this ignorant, risky lifestyle?

2. Diabetics get a magical, fancy diabetes testing kit with compact, professional look. You can easily monitor your blood sugar. Well, I don't have that luxury! How will I know when my vitamin D is low? I'm tired, hungry & craving sugar right now, so I'm pretty sure that my vitamin D is low. For me to have it checked, I have to go to a doctor and wait 5-7 days for the results. I could be dead by then! Does no one care about this injustice?

3. Diabetics are educated about their disease and you can remedy your problems very quickly with a candy bar or eight or using your fancy pump and giving yourself more insulin. I have to try to find direct sunlight, get naked and stay outside for at least 10 minutes! Try doing that on a rainy day or in the winter. Or I can search for hours looking for vitamin d foods to consume and play a vitamin d game of Russian roulette with the quantities I consume. What if I don't eat enough? What if I eat too much?

4. Diabetics get so much sympathy. Oh, you poor diabetic with your finger pricks and fancy equipment! You get a whole month of awareness, ads on tv and celebrity endorsements. You get special food. What do I get? A brief mention on a milk container or OJ bottle and a typed written note from my doctor!

5. Diabetes gives you a skinny ass. We've all seen my ass and I'm fairly confident I now know why it is so large: Vitamin D deficiency, a real problem, a real disease.

Thank you Crystal for only proving that diabetes sucks way more than vitamin D deficiency. Being deficient of a working pancreas is a real thing!

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