The 34 year old freshman

After years of toiling around and working towards what I thought were my dream jobs, I have decided I am not a fan of being poor and I've decided to go back to school. Of course, I'm adding to my debt with financial aid but in the end it will be worth it. I'm working towards my new, and probably most satisfying dream job and becoming a  teacher.

Being a teacher has always hung around the depths of my mind. I've always believed I could do it and have fun but I became busy trying to be that guy that people knew. I worked in broadcasting for a few years and became a comedian. None of these things I did for notoriety but I have to admit, I began to hope for it after a while. While I've given up on broadcasting I will remain a comedian but it will also only be my hobby. It will be something I do when I can and maybe even earn some gas money.

I completed registration for classes earlier this week and beginning June fourth I will be a freshman. Four nights of my week will be spent in class, after working during the day. I will develop an unhealthy 5 hour energy habit most likely. Unhealthy because up the nose seems to be the best way to ingest uppers. From what I can tell I will be much older than my classmates, in fact, I imagine I will be closer in age to my professors.

The last time I had to study for anything was in broadcasting school, and let's face it, a monkey could pass broadcasting school. Seriously have you listened to radio lately? For the kids out there radio is that thing that your grandparents probably listen to to catch that new song by Buddy Holly.

Anyway, I shouldn't be this nervous, I'm pretty smart, you will agree if you can just ignore any spelling or grammatical errors in my blogs. I have a brilliant support system of family, friends and an amazing girlfriend who I hope will put up with me when I freak out. If anything school should provide me with blog material which is good because I'm in desperate need of ideas.

This is just the first step in the rest of my life. School was a long time coming and I cannot wait to be a teacher. My focus will be on special education which I know will present its own challenges but I'm not worried. I've never shied away from a challenge and I won't start now.

I just hope the other students will pardon the old man among them.

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