Spoiler Alert

It is a simple rule, if you are going to ruin the end or give away a big plot point, it is customary, yep customary, to say "Spoiler Alert". In the last couple of weeks I have had several plots and endings ruined.  It isn't the end of the world.  Though I am guessing somehow the apocalypse will be spoiled for me as well.

I am embarrassed to admit I am just now reading The  Great Gatsby. When I was a kiddo I do not remember this classic being on my required reading lists. It just never came up, I mean those issues of MAD magazine weren't going to read themselves. Then as  I got older I just never read because everything was made into a movie. For someone with a short attention span a movie makes for an awesome table read.

Recently, I had dinner with a couple who saw Gatsby. Simultaneously at that dinner the book and the movie were ruined.  Jay Gatsby dies? Now I just morosely read the book just as I did when i watched the movie. Telepathically trying to save Gatsby.  Telling Daisy to just revive him so they can run off together as planned. No, it is not meant to be but movies always stray from the book so surely my screenplay will have this fantastical end.

Also, I am in the midst of getting caught up on How I Met Your Mother. I am currently in the third season and on my way to being caught up when the final season begins. However, a radio spot for the season finale revealed that Barney and Robin are not only an item but are getting... wait for it... married. Now as I watch past episodes all I see are lies. LIES!!!!

I suppose it is my fault for being behind the curve. I have had time to read and watch television. I just try to read with amnesia and try to forget what I know.

Oh.. um...spoiler alert.

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