Dane Cook must be okay with being a jerk

Dane Cook must be okay with being a jerk
Dane Cook announces on Twitter why his set wasn't aire.

The Boston Strong benefit show for the Boston Marathon aired via web stream on Thursday. Not including a set by mostly loathed comedian Dane Cook. Cook did not want his new material released yet. I can only guess it is better to pay a ton of money before you here his awful jokes.

Yes, I'm a comedian and I do not hate Dane like most folks. I don't necessarily believe that he ever knowingly stole material. Heck, I've heard a joke of mine told on Comedy Central by another local comedian but I never stole it from him, and cannot prove that he did either. Though I stopped telling the joke as soon as I found out. It is fair to think that two minds can come up with material that is the same and Cook is too famous, there's no way he could hide it.

My beef is that I just think Cook is a cartoon character. He's a loudmouth hack and yelling his thoughts with animation is what made him. Honestly, there was a time before fame smacked his face when I thought he was funny. He put his work in and earned his notoriety. Unfortunately, he believed his own hype and in my opinion has lost his ability to be creative.

I'm bothered that Cook decided to pull his set from the stream. It is a benefit show. If you don't want your new material out there, I understand, then don't perform it! It is that simple. Instead, a comedy world of intelligent folks now have more reason to despise you. This tragedy may have hit you because Boston is your hometown but think of all those who lost loved ones. You marred what was supposed to be a beautiful tribute to them.

Cook took a well deserved beating on Twitter because of his decision, though I'm sure his ego didn't notice or care. I'm not bitter because of his success, those who know me, know that I'm not that guy. Also, I know my material is not strong enough to make me famous. Comedy is my hobby that sometimes pays me. It will always be that. Instead of letting this benefit be about those who lost their lives, Cook made it about him. Yes, I think he did it on purpose because Dane knows how to market himself and as the old saying goes there's no such thing as bad publicity. Dane should be ashamed of himself but he most likely isn't.

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