My First Year at ChicagoNow: Lessons and What To Do Next.

As of yesterday I have been blogging for ChicagoNow for a year.  My how the days have passed, I have left so many words and thoughts on this website.  I did not know what I should write about to uncork the bottle of wine to celebrate.   What I came up with is what I have learned and what I have gained over this year and what I hope to accomplish going forward.

The main thing this site has given me is many new friends.  I am lucky to have so many wonderful compadres baring their souls and sharing their lives.  I have met so many rad people.  We have gotten together at blatherings and elsewhere and made so many great memories.  We relate to each other, we complain to each other when comments are disorderly.  I am so happy to have met them and look forward to hanging out with them some more and getting to know them better.

One thing I have learned is that I kind of like being an antagonist.  I do not write to be combative or start arguments, well not all the time, but I sometimes like the conversation a blog I write creates.  I also like the private e-mails I get from readers letting me know that something I wrote was the highlight of their day and brought a smile to their face.  I look forward to reaching more people and sometimes raising the ire.

I can to ChicagoNow in a down spot in my life.  I won’t get into specifics but it was a dark period for me.  I ha d little hope and writing was an outlet for me.  It felt good to write even if it was only about diabetes.  It was nice to take my mind off things and focus on being witty while working on myself.  I find I am in a much better place.  Life is so much brighter and I realize now, sometimes the worst things happen for the best reasons.

What I would like to accomplish this year is finding a wider audience.  Numbers are not terribly important to me but as a comedian I do love having an audience.  Later this year I will be adding a contributor to my blog, she shares my humor and will add a great flavor.  I look forward to entertaining my readers and growing as a writer.  Thank you so very much for giving me a canvas and allowing me to paint.  Thank you for reading and commenting, whether you agree or not I am quite touched that you take time out of your day for little ole me.

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