Let Me Interview You

I have been silenced by the dreaded writer's block. I sit to write and a few sentences in I forget where I was headed and what my point would be. I needed a new idea. I needed something to fall back on while my brain relaxes a bit and allows thoughts to flow through.

I thought of an idea to interview you, my readers. I am sure at least one of the six of you has an interesting fact or story. So that is what I'm going to do. I'm going to offer up this page as a bit of a tell all.

How i will conduct the interview is something I am trying to figure out. In the meantime I am gauging interest. A lot of people I personally know read me, and to you I thank you but I am offering this idea to people I never met. I think it could be fun discovering new people and learning maybe something about myself.

Do not be discouraged if you think no one will be interested. I might add a little flavor to the interview but I promise to be respectful. If you have something to promote I'd be happy to help though I would prefer to talk with people not in entertainment. If you we interested in interviewing with me please send an e-mail to Patrick.ohara1978@gmail.com and we will figure it out.

I love writing and I'm fighting the good fight to find a topics. In the meantime, you can be my inspiration. Let's talk!

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