Chicago Style Hot Dog? I'll Pass

I am a life-long Chicagoan, I have been known to eat hot dogs. Based on the information given wouldn’t that make it a Chicago style hot dog? Among the contents of Chicago dog are mustard (blech), a poppy seed bun, mustard (why does anyone think mustard is good?), peppers, a pickle, and much, much, much, more…

This hot dog is part of the reason we have broad shoulders, you have to just to pick it up and eat it. Anyway, I am a simple man with simple tastes. If I decide to slum it with a hot dog, I will just squeeze a line of tomato ketchup. Yep not chunks of the ambiguous fruit/vegetable, just the condiment. I am not a tomato fan per se, but I do like catsup, tomato juice, and soup. Apparently I like tomato in liquid form.

I know what I just said is considered blasphemy by many Chicagoans, but I know I am not alone. Let’s face it, hot dogs are pretty disgusting what is the line from “The Great Outdoors”? I know the line is not true but by the taste of it, it is not too far from fiction I suppose. Al I am saying is however I choose to eat my hot dog it is Chicago style. I am a Chicagoan after all.

I know this post will make me pretty reviled. I am okay with that. I stand by this post. I will eat my hot dog with just ketchup and smile from ear to ear because I know I am taking a stand against stereotypical food. It is 2013 and I should be allowed to eat a hot dog in public without judgmental eyes.

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