Billboards Are Acceptable Texting and Driving

I have sat on something for quite a while.  Not literally but in a figurative sense. Why are there so many billboards to distract me while driving?  Whether it is a strip club with some plasticine and buxom woman making me promises with her eyes or a PSA with several paragraphs that require many trips to get through. I feel like the dangers of reading while driving are very real.

There's even an LED sign letting you know how close to a thousand traffic deaths we came.  Almost as if to dare us, that we can do better.  The danger is everywhere.  Sometimes with giant pictures of food which, no matter how not hungry you might be, always seem to draw you in like the scented waves that drew Tom to the pie in cartoon form.  Five minutes later I am eating a Big Mac that I do not ever remember ever craving.

Then there are the HD billboards with news and weather updates.  I might as well have my iPad at my side and glance at it every once in awhile.  Wait, nope that is illegal so let us pretend I am not writing this post as I am driving.  I really am not.  My iPad relies on WiFi so I can't post from he road, also I am law abiding citizen who would not last a day in a holding cell.  Seriously, I am a crier, I would weep so loudly that I would probably get "silenced".

If I get into a billboard related accident, who am I to blame?  Can I blame Polekatz and the woman pictured who may or may not actually be a stripper?  What recourse could I take?  I mean I is not my fault that someone is wanted by the FBI and I might be able to help.  I have always wanted to be a crime fighting super hero.  Maybe this is my chance.  How ironic it would be to get into an accident with the wanted guy pictured.  I am willing to bet exchanging information would be awkward.

I know billboards will be around forever.  Thee is no changing that.  I just think if it is okay for McDonald's to send me texts on the side of he road then I should be able to text my friend about last night's episode of Hoarders.  I mean seriously the house became a pet cemetery but no one knew the horror.

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