Keep Your Eye on the Ball: The End is Where I Begin

I never imagined that I would be involved in such a battle.  I ended up having a recurrence about 5 years later.  This time my lone testicle was fine.  I am still, by definition, a man.  I required only surgery to remove the cancer that time.  I have been in remission ever since.

Cancer changed me, I am not going to pontificate or proclaim that I am happy I got cancer but it definitely helped me open my eyes to what was important.  I don't waste breathes anymore, I may not always be productive but I am happy, that is my definition of living life to the fullest.

I am touched by the amount of attention this series has attracted.  My goal was to help others in whatever way they needed help.  Whether they know someone with cancer, they themselves have cancer, or just noticed something does not...well...match up.

Writing about it has been cathartic, I had to deal with thoughts and emotions that I thought were long gone.  I am an open book, I have no problem talking about my struggle.  It has always been the best few minutes of my stand up.  Thank you to my friends (new and old), my family, and my ChicagoNow compadres for the support.

Thank you for reading, now, back to making an idiot of myself on stage.

Please read how my saga began here.

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