Stop Being a Ditka-head

I don't understand the love affair Chicago has with Mike Ditka. It was 1985 when the Bears won the Super Bowl. It is time to move on it is time to let go. No more super fan hero worship. Phil Jackson won 6 championships in the 90s and his legend is not nearly as large.

I don't remember the story of the '85 championship curing anyone's cancer or rescuing an old lady's kitten from a tree. His majesty is a caricature created over zealous fans and a skit from "Saturday Night Live". Chicago sports fans are sort of like a clingy ex-girlfriend writing letters of love to the one who got away. Mike knows what he has in Chicago , it is the reason he opens restaurants here because throngs of people will line up and crowd them just so they can share something with him.

The Bears are a long way from winning a championship anytime soon. Does the stalker-like affection continue until they win another? I know that this will not be a popular point of view but I know I am not alone. Frankly , I am okay with the backlash I will receive. Heck I even know I will probably lose friends and Twitter followers, but something needs to be said.

There is still time to salvage some self respect. It is okay to be a fan of his but can we stop the chants of "deeetkah" on game day. Mike Ditka could win the office of mayor based off winning a championship, if you are one of those that would be voting for him I would ask you to please surrender your voting card.

Now lets focus our attention and worship on someone who deserves it. Someone like Wesley Willis .

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