New Year's Resolutions I Can Achieve

Every year at this time we all resolve to make changes hopefully for the better. My typical unrequited resolution is to quit smoking, star getting better shape and to eat better. This year I think I will just start small and build up to my resolutions of quitting smoking and going back to school.

First, I am going to start by resolving to date everything in 2013 right away. Not my usual six month grace period when I realize summer is here and 2012 is but a distant memory. This time I am going to accept the new year with open arms and end the date appropriately.

Another resolution is to stop giggling when I hear the word "duty". This is going to be very difficult but I think it is time. Quitting smoking will be easier.

Just for fun I resolve to wear more tuxes. So much so that it will seem weird that I am wearing them formally. My random trips to the gas station will be super improved when folks start referring to me as "that guy who is always wearing a tux". I am talking full on tails and top hat as well.

I am going to help others as well. I will finally be able to tell you what dub step is without saying garbage and noise. I am going to eat the food you can't finish when you are at a different table at a restaurant. I will tell you that your 5 shades of color in your hair looks awesome and will totally help land you a job. This is what I am willing to do to help others in the upcoming year.

The new year is upon us. I always see it as a rebirth of sorts. A chance to make this year better than years past. A chance to enjoy that I have time to enjoy everything. I want all the romantic and whimsical things that we all want. Most of all though I want to make a shit ton of money and become uppity and better than most.

Happy new year to all and to all a good night.

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