Middleton Radio Prank Ends Tragically

As you may be aware last week, 2 Australian DJs prank called the hospital where Kate Middleton was recovering from severe morning sickness. They called pretending to be Queen Elizabeth and were able to speak with one of the nurses in her ward regarding her condition.

A couple of days later came the sad news that the nurse responsible for directing the call committed suicide. Then came the backlash against the Australian DJs which according to the DJs has included death threats.

Probably giving in to pressure from advertisers and listeners the decision was made to take the morning show off the air for good. I think it is unfair to place all of the blame for this tragedy on them. It was a harmless prank that was funny to everyone until the tragic end.

I think it is safe to assume that the nurse had a lot more going on in her life to force her hand than a silly radio prank. Yes, I am sure it drew unwanted attention but in a week no one would pay attention any more and it would be business as usual. I am not suggesting that this is not a sad thing. It is incredibly unfortunate.

I just believe to put someone's death on someone else is just as awful. It is a lot to put on anyone to suggest that their actions forced someone to kill themselves. They, of course, did not intend for that to happen at all. There are no winners in this story. It is a loss, an unnecessary loss blamed on an innocent party. They are human and have expressed remorse in a tearful TV interview.

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