After being shot, friendship is the Sveum

Cubs manager Dale Sveum was shot in the back and ear by Robin Yount as the two were out quail hunting. Sveum was not badly hurt and even poked fun at Yount calling him Dick Cheney.

I am not sure how often this happens in the world of hunting, but isn't once too much? I once had a friend poke me in the eye on accident and I have not spoke to him since we were in daycare together. In the world of baseball it is eye for an eye so really the only recourse is for Sweum to shoot Yount.

I may be a weirdo but being shot by my friend basically means friendship over. There is no Hallmark card though if there was it would read:

"Sorry I shot you when we were on a hunt,
And I totally deserved to be called a cu..bad person"

What is the appropriate apology? I have to imagine you have to give your buddy your kill at the very least. First round is definitely on you as is every round after.

Plus as the person who got shot you can hold that over the shooter's head forever.

"Dude are you effing my wife?"
"Oh, yeah, remember that time to you shot me?"


"Hey man, can I have the last piece of bacon?"

"Why ask when you can just shoot me and take it?"

I mean ride it out, get something out of the deal. Most people only get shot once and usually are unable to reap the benefits of being shot. Yount is giving up too quickly. He should make Dale change his name so the last name is actually spelled the way it sounds or pronounced the way it is spelled. That is what I would do, I am always trying to take advantage of being shot.

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