Trace Adkins and the Confederate Ear Piece

I have a friend, she watches “inside Edition”, she does I promise I watch a lot of bad TV but not that show.  A story they were “covering” was Trace Adkins wearing a Confederate flag ear piece at the tree lighting in Rockefeller Center.  Nothing says Christmas like the Confederacy, he was just observing the reason for the season.

I feel compelled to defend his decision.  I can understand the choice one has to make when finding the perfect ear piece.   Sure, you could go with the industry standard transparent earpiece or the Confederate flag ear piece.  It is a tough decision that no one should have to make.  Also, what else does one wear to a tree lighting?  I once went to a tree lighting with a white hood on covering my face.  I learned from “Queer Eye” that racism is in around the holiday season.

Plus he sang “The Christmas Song” isn't there a whole verse about tolerance roasting on a open fire?  We all know Trace is a crazy conservative, so this latest even should be of no shock to anyone.  Though they did have a shocking story, Lindsay Lohan was…wait for it…arrested again.  Gosh Trace Adkins a weird redneck and Lindsay got arrested Hollywood just isn't the same.

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