Thankful for Having Cancer

Thanksgiving is a time we are supposed to spend reflecting on those things we are thankful for.  Honestly, I do not take time to reflect on that because I appreciate everything I have been given and sometimes those things that were taken away.  This time around I have been pensive about one thing I am thankful for that might catch you off guard.  I am thankful for having and surviving cancer.

Yes, I am thankful for having cancer.  I am a twice over survivor of testicular cancer, once when I was diagnosed then again when I had a recurrence.

Before cancer, I took a lot for granted.  I did not take time to enjoy every single moment of life.  Sometimes you have to have the fear of losing it all to truly appreciate all of the things you have.  I was 21 when I was first diagnosed, losing a testicle is pretty much the only concern you have at that age and it happened to me.

The diagnosis itself was not easy to take, I didn’t know anyone that age could get cancer. I had no choice but to fight the disease especially since it took me months to get it looked at.  The cancer spread from my testicle to my chest area.  The testicle was removed as were the cord of lymph nodes in my chest and neck.

Obviously I survived and have been without cancer for 7 years now since the recurrence.  I love my life and I appreciate the little things.  At that point in my life I had no relationship with my dad.  Cancer made me reach out to him and have some semblance of a relationship with him.  I am not perfect and I have my bad days but it is more often that I am happy and anxious to see what tomorrow will bring.  I am blessed with a ton of friends, I have loved and I have lost.

I have followed my dreams, first in the world of broadcasting and as I am now being a comedian and hopefully soon studying to be an elementary school teacher.  This blog is something I am extremely proud of and I am happy to be a part of this community.

So yes, I am thankful for having cancer.  I am sure I would be happy with my life regardless but cancer definitely makes everything to appear in Technicolor.  I am going to make the most of my life and I am never going to stop fighting.  I am passionate, I am thankful…

…I am a survivor.

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