Maybe not the sexiest but I am definitely a man alive.

Surprise surprise Channing Tatum was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man.  I suppose he is sexy just how an emotionless and talentless mannequin is sexy.  I agree he is good looking, and though I sound bitter, I am not.  I do not expect that I will ever win.  I know I am good looking but I do not have rock hard abs and muscles which have come to define sexy.

Instead I am going to let you know of a few awards I could easily win:

The man to ask to open things- You know jars, bottles, and other difficult to open things.  I also open doors because I am a gentleman.

Funniest man you know- well I am a comedian so I should be.  I am at least in the running for this.

The ukulele-ist man alive- I play the ukulele.

The sexiest Irish/Mexican man alive- I am Irish and Mexican so right there I already have an advantage, plus as I mentioned I am easy on the eyes.

The most random trivia-ist man alive- I know a little about a lot.

The “you keep running I will catch with you”-ist man alive- I am not much of a runner.

The “eh he will do”-ist man alive- in a world of competition I am an awesome consolation prize.

The sexiest blogger alive- sorry just not a lot of competition out there.

One day I will win a meaningless award and I cannot wait.  Until then I will let Mr. Tatum have his day.  I just hope he finds someone to read People magazine to him.

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